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I was dreaming that I'm in a parking lot outside a huge mansion with lots of people going inside. Standing outside I notice we are all dressed in formal attire like for a wedding, or maybe a prom. I head inside with the crowd, and there is a huge party. Deciding to go upstairs I pass many people talking, and laughing in a fun party like atmosphere.

I duck into a upstairs doorway to a small room. Open a window, and crawl onto a ledge. I walk across the ledge peeking downward at the parking lot bellow. Reaching another window I pry it open. Suddenly I remember I'm a cat burglar, and the party is only a cover for my burglary.

Climbing inside the window I see the room is filled with artwork. It;s not hanging on the walls, but stacked upright leaning against the walls. I gaze though the arts inventory, and conclude there's nothing of real value in the room. Just cheap junk found in bars, and restaurants. I steal nothing.

This time I slip out of the rooms door, and notice it wasn't even locked. I'm back in the upstairs hallway, and now suddenly it's a toga party. Everyone's dressed in roman togas, and most of the women are wearing golden laurels. (a circular hat of golden leaves)

I head downstairs, and walk into a giant entrance hall. People are everywhere, but many are headed to an escalator. A woman is speaking loudly about chocolate mousse that is being served at the top of the escalator. I join the many people riding on the moving stairway.

I'm standing next to a beautiful blonde lady on our ride upward. She looks at me, and smiles. She asks if I'm having a good time. I say yes, and she replies that her father will be happy to hear it. That he worked hard putting together his party for us. This makes me a bit nervous, and I wonder if she knows I'm a professional thief.

She must be uncomfortable in her toga, because she starts rearranging her clothes. She ends up accidentally flashing her breasts, and embarrassed I look down at my feet. She puts her hand up to my cheek, and I look into her eyes. She smiles, but says nothing about it.

We reach the top, and disembark near where the chocolate mousse is being served. I make a slight movement in that direction, and she grabs my hand. She asks me aren't you going on the ride? I tell her I didn't know of a ride, but that it sounded like fun.

I like that shes holding my hand, and pulling me along smiling. We get in a short line where people are climbing into heavy machinery. As soon as we are close to the front I can see it's some kind of giant rotisserie oven. I comment to her that it's an oven, and she explains that it's reworked as a ride for the party. I'm not sure why, but I trust that she's telling the truth.

We settle in next to each other in depressions between cogs made for moving the cooking meat. It's filled with hot cooked fat juice. Not to hot, but just warm like a Jacuzzi. I realize I'm the only person still wearing my tux, but I don't complain.

We ride the hot juicy cogs round in circles holding hands for a short time until it lets us off at the rides end. We stumble off dizzy, laughing, and messy. She asks if I'll join her for a drink with her friends. I say yes, and we head through a doorway, and inside is a huge bar room pounding with dance music.

Everyone's drinking, dancing, and juicy messy like us. We sit down in a group of all girls, and she introduces me as her boyfriend. I feel surprised by what she's said, but say nothing, and play along. We are all playing a drinking game by pulling cocktail straws from someones hand. The shortest straw drinks down a beer, and they all say it's my turn to hold the straws. I was placing the straws in my fist when I awoke from the dream.

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